2020-2021 Tuition Preschool and Latchkey Registration



Latchkey/Preschool Registration IS NOW CLOSED


The 2020-21 Latchkey Program Registration for both Kidz Korner and Stay-N-Play is an online process.  It is also the final step for tuition preschool families who have already had an enrollment appointment and signed a preschool agreement (For new preschool enrollment, please call 586-445-4159).

Registration was available until midnight on Tuesday, September 1st.  


LATCHKEY WAITLIST please click here:


REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. It may temporarily open back during the first few weeks of school depending on daily attendance rates, please check back after 4pm on Friday, September 11th.  Thank you!

Fees and Rates:
Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $50*
*Anyone who registers will  be assessed the $50 registration fee per child, unless your child will use Stay-N-Play and you have already paid the $50 registration fee for tuition preschool.
Kidz Korner Hourly Rates:
$4.00 for 1st child
$3.00 for 2nd child
$2.00 for 3rd child
$1.00 for 4th child
Tuition Preschool and Stay-N-Play Hourly Rates
(multiple sibling discount does not apply to preschoolers)
In District: $5.60 per child
Out of District: $6.60 per child