Schaublin Auditorium and Facility Rentals

Let us help you host your event...the Kerala Club of Detroit did to host their concert by famous Indian band, The Thaikkudam Bridge Band on June 28th, 2019!


Please fill out the Facility Use Inquiry form below to check availability for your event. Please send the completed form to:


Warren Wilson

[email protected]
Lakeview High School/Auditorium Manager
21100 Eleven Mile Road
St. Clair Shores, MI 48081
(586) 445-4040, x2755


Facility Use Fees & Labor Rates


Please contact the building secretary directly to inquire about building usage:

St. Clair Shores PATCH review of the CASEY JAMES "Cellphones for Soldiers" Lakeview High School concert...

Schaublin Auditorium, built in 1970 and totally renovated in 2005, is a treasured jewel of Lakeview Public Schools and the community of St. Clair Shores. School assemblies, music concerts, drama productions, educational forums, town hall meetings, awards and graduation ceremonies are all well served at Schaublin Auditorium. Staffed by former and present students of Lakeview, Schaublin Auditorium is the perfect mixture of culture and functionality showcasing the talents of the district’s students as well as giving students a hands-on perspective of stagecraft.


Featuring 1528 seats, Schaublin Auditorium can host just about any type of event. The proscenium opening is 50 feet wide by 39 feet deep with a 12 foot apron downstage of the plaster line. The auditorium also features over one hundred twenty state-of-the-art ETC Source four ellipsoidal lights, assorted moving wash lights, controlled by an ETC “ION” console, 32 Channel Allen and Heath GL2400 audio console, a twenty-four channel Soundcraft audio console with EQ,  16 SHURE QLXD4 lavalier and 16 handheld wireless microphones, assorted wired microphones suited for speaking, singing and use with instruments, Crestron Presentation cart with multi-media options, Sanyo rear video projection system,  video monitoring in every room in the school, 3 sets of crushed black velour legs and borders, 2 full stage black traveling velour's, a newly installed counterweight lock rail fly system by Secoa, and many other amenities too numerous to list here! If your group is interested in hosting an event, call (586) 445-4040, extension 2755 for a tour of Schaublin Auditorium.