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School of Choice
SCHOOL OF CHOICE IS NOW OPEN for the 2019-2020 School Year...LIMITED openings are available in grades 1st through 8th and 10th grade; Kindergarten and 9th grade are both open UNLIMITED; Lakeview remains closed to school of choice enrollment for 11th and 12th grades.  Lakeview Public School District, School of Choice Enrollment, is only available for Macomb County residents.

NOTE: For grades with LIMITED seat availability, the state of Michigan mandates that if more applications are received than seats are available, for any limited grade level, a lottery drawing must be held when the School of Choice window closes on Friday, August 16, 2019.
*For the Lakeview Virtual School Application - please click on "Virtual School Information" under the Enrollment Tab above.
  • For questions regarding kindergarten enrollment, please contact Alyssa Calderon at (586) 445-4000 ext. 7514 or acalderon@scslakeview-k12.com                                                                                                                                                                 
  • For questions regarding 1st through 12th grade enrollment, please contact  Catherine Culhane at (586) 445-4000 ext. 2504 or cculhane@scslakeview-k12.com
The School of Choice application is two pages: a birth parent or legal guardian should fill out page one; the school(s) that your child has attended for the last two school years needs to fill out page two AND attach a behavior print out for both years (even if it is blank).  If they are unable to provide a behavior printout, they can attach a letter or write a note in the comments section of the form.  Pre-school discipline is not required.
We are utilizing an online registration process called Gateway Registration. If you are interested in enrolling a kindergarten student, please contact Alyssa Calderon at (586) 445-4000 ext. 7514 or acalderon@scslakeview-k12.com - to enroll a first through twelfth grade student, please contact Catherine Culhane at (586) 445-4000 ext. 2504 or cculhane@scslakeview-k12.com 
For a look at our Open House Presentations for 2018 please see the links below.