Pronounced (SKOOL-UH-JEE), Schoology is an online learning management system (LMS) that supports curriculum management, mobile learning and district-wide communication. Schoology will be how teachers design and implement their lesson plans, assignments and grades for remote learning. They will also use it to post updates to their class, share content and communicate with parents.
For parents/guardians, Schoology provides a one-stop place to keep track of a child’s calendar, projects, assignments, and day-to-day activities. Parents are able to see what their children are working on as well within the platform through a Schoology parent account.
Schoology Login Tutorials
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Students use their school Gmail and password to log into Schoology. They are able to contribute to classroom discussions, participate in assignments, and take tests. Parents and guardians can view most of these items, but cannot participate. Please click HERE to see ​the differences between your account and your students.
Students - SIGN IN HERE
Parents/Guardians - SIGN IN HERE
Yes. Click HERE and click, "Sign Up" then click, "Parent." You would have received your child's "Parent Access Code" from School Messenger sent to you on 9/5/2020.
Need additional help?
Click HERE for the Lakeview Parent/Guardian - Schoology Account Creation Instructions.
In order to change a password, you must login first then:
Parent/Guardian: Click HERE for more information about changing your password. 
Staff: Click HERE for more information about changing your password. 
Note: Students can not change their password. Students will use their District provided Gmail
credentials. Hint: (
Click HERE to learn how to sign into your Schoology account after you have created it.
If you haven't created an account yet click HERE.
For All Technology Related-Questions:

Schoology Help Line:
Call (586) 445 - 4000 ext. 7522
Please make sure to leave a message.
Parent/Guardians and Students login to separate locations.
Please click the correct drop-down below:
Schoology Login Locations:
Don't have an account?
Click HERE to create a parent/guardian Schoology account
Parent/Guardian - Login Instructions
Staff: Click HERE
Schoology Help Center
District Schoology Help Center
For All Technology Related-Questions:
Schoology Help Line: 
Call (586) 445 - 4000 ext. 7522
Please make sure to leave a message.