First Through Twelfth Grade Information

ENROLLMENT (including MEDICAL Forms below)

We are utilizing an online registration process called Gateway Registration. If you are interested in enrolling your child, please contact Catherine Culhane at (586) 445-4000 ext. 2504 or [email protected]
All new first through twelfth grade students are required to complete a Placement Test as part of the enrollment process with Lakeview Public Schools.

RESIDENT Enrollment...if you are a resident to Lakeview Public Schools, please call our Enrollment Office to begin the enrollment process for your child.  (586) 445-4000, x2504

SCHOOL OF CHOICE now CLOSED for the 2022-23 School Year.



BUILDING TOUR VISITS (see flyer below for dates and times)


Elementary Building Tours:



Ardmore Virtual Building Tour



Greenwood Virtual Building Tour



Harmon Virtual Building Tour



Princeton Virtual Building Tour



Virtual Orientation for Jefferson Middle School:

JMS Orientation


Virtual Tour for 9th Grade Lakeview High School:


Transitioning to 9th Grade at LHS