Technology Department

Welcome to Lakeview Public Schools Technology Department!

Our District has a wide range of technology available for staff and students.
We are equipped with desktop computers, laptops, Netbooks, Chromebooks,
Kindles, iPads, and Surface Pros. 
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Lakeview Public Schools 1:1 Technology: Chromebook Information 
Chromebook Expectations Acknowledgment

Lakeview 1:1 Chromebook FAQ

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Student Network and Internet Agreement Form

Student Technology

We have a wide variety of technology available for use by our students. Before a student can be given access to these devices they must first fill out the form found below regarding our network agreement.
The following is from the 2021-2022 Student Handbook:

The District and/or network resources are intended for the exclusive use by their registered users.

The Student is responsible for the use of his/her account/password and/or access privilege. Any

problems which arise from the use of Student’s account are the responsibility of the account holder.

Use of an account by someone other than the registered account holder is forbidden and may be

grounds for loss of access privileges and/or other disciplinary action.

ISTE and MITECS Standards

For more information about the Technology Standards LPS follows for our students please click the following link for ISTE Standards and MITECS Standards.

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