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Hepatitis A Outbreak in Southeast Michigan
To read more about the outbreak in our community, link on the link below to Macomb County's Health Department website.

Health Information
Bed Bug Fact Sheet

Stormwater Public Education and Links Page

Community Group/Organization/Resource

Visit the Clinton River Watershed Council Homepage

Visit the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) Homepage

The Lake St. Clair Water Festival provides free, hands-on opportunities for 4th and 5th grade students to learn about using and preserving the Lake St. Clair Watershed.

Visit the Lake St. Clair Water Festival Homepage


Household Hazardous Waste

When household hazardous waste is not correctly disposed, it can enter our storm sewers and waterways. Improperly disposing of these items into storm sewers, sanitary sewers, on-lot sewage systems, or by dumping them onto the ground allows stormwater runoff to pick them up and carry them into our waterways. Once this waste enters our waterways, it causes water pollution that poses a threat to our health and can harm — and in some instances kill — animal and plant life. Public Services host household hazardous waste collections for county residents. The collections are designed to accept unwanted household chemicals for proper disposal. Links for household hazardous waste collections are below.

Visit the Oakland County Hazardous Waste Information Webpage

Visit the Macomb County Hazardous Waste Information Webpage

Visit the Wayne County Hazardous Waste Information Webpage


Recreational Vehicle Waste Information

Many RV owners fail to follow proper waste-disposal protocols, instead discharging their accumulated sewer wastes, including “black water,” directly into storm drains. The result is that untreated sewage is being released directly into our local waterway. Please see the link below to locate RV dump stations by state.

Visit the RV Dumps – Michigan Information Webpage


Riparian Landowner Information

As a responsible waterfront property owner, practicing these Healthy Habits for Clean Water are especially important because you are directly at the water’s edge where runoff doesn’t have far to travel before reaching the water. Oakland County is home to the headwaters of five major river systems—the Clinton, Flint, Huron, Rouge and Shiawassee. With more than 1,400 lakes and five major river systems in Oakland County (encompassing a total of more than 900 miles of shoreline), riparian landowners have a significant opportunity to make a big difference in protecting our water quality!

Visit the Riparian Landowner Information Wisdom Booklet Webpage

Bethel BradshawEnviro-Clean Project Manager