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We are LAKEVIEW... are YOU?

Dear Lakeview Family,

Thank you for visiting our website to find out more about Lakeview Public Schools.  By enrolling in Lakeview, I believe you have arrived at “the destination” in Macomb County.  We really embody our logo and expect it of ALL of our students – Lakeview today, leaders tomorrow!  High expectations will lead to high achievement and Lakeview has very focused, high expectations for students.  We also believe caring relationships are the foundation for a productive school culture where parents are our partners.

Every child has the ability to succeed, and Lakeview Public Schools provides a “top in County”, comprehensive educational experience for our students.  Our seven buildings provide quality programs to meet individual needs.  Exceptional educational and extra-curricular opportunities are provided for students from 3 and 4 year old preschool, to elementary, middle school and high school.  One of our most unique and popular programs is our partnership with Wayne State University, Baker College, and Macomb Community College.  These colleges provide on-site, college courses, taught by professors, right at the high school.  Lakeview’s one-of-a-kind high school block schedule allows students to schedule for these college classes; something that cannot be duplicated at a traditional high school (6 or 7 period day).

We are also proud of the highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced principals and teachers because excellent staff makes a positive difference.  Over 90% of our professional staff have earned the Master’s Degree or beyond in their field.  For many of our employees, they have also arrived at their “destination” job by being in Lakeview.  Longevity and experience among our staff provides great stability for our programs and extra-curricular options.  Lakeview students consistently perform at the top of Macomb County in academics and in many of our extra-curricular programs.

I welcome you to Lakeview and encourage you to “click around” on the website to find out more.   We know small actions on a daily basis create big outcomes.  So join us!

Warm Regards,

Karl D. Paulson


Lakeview Public Schools

St. Clair Shores, MI

Mission Statement:

Lakeview Public Schools partners with our community to empower students 
to achieve personal and academic success.