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Latchkey Registration NOW OPEN!


The 2018-19 Latchkey Program Registration for both Kidz Korner and Stay-N-Play is an online process.  It is also the final step for tuition preschool families who have already had an enrollment appointment and signed a preschool agreement (For new preschool enrollment, please call 586-445-4159).


Registration is OPEN and will be available until noon on Friday, August 24th.  Please be sure to complete the online registration by noon on the 24th in order to secure a spot for your child(ren).  IF capacity has not been reached, then registration will open again after school starts. 


You will be able to register your child(ren) for latchkey services by clicking on the link below. 


If you are unable to find access to the internet, computers are available at our Wheat Administration Building.  Please call (586) 445-4000 x2506 to arrange a mutually agreed upon time to utilize a computer. 


This year, you will have the option to choose ‘registering for emergency use only’. It will be important for you to choose this option if you think you will rarely use latchkey services (less than 10 times during the school year).  This will allow us to accept more children who need it on a weekly basis and still accommodate the families who need it on rare occasions. 


The district utilizes key FOBs as a means for granting access into our buildings for authorized users.  If you would like your FOB to be re-activated or need new FOBs, then please fill out the FOB Request Form (see links below).  The FOB form can be turned into the Administration Building until 3pm on August 30, 2018.  After that, please turn it into your child’s latchkey program.    

Remember all past due balances must be paid in order to secure your child’s spot in latchkey for the 2018-19 school year. 

Registration Link:


Fees and Rates:
Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $50*
*Anyone who registers will  be assessed the $50 registration fee per child, unless your child will use Stay-N-Play and you have already paid the $50 registration fee for tuition preschool.
Kidz Korner Hourly Rates:
$4.00 for 1st child
$3.00 for 2nd child
$2.00 for 3rd child
$1.00 for 4th child
Tuition Preschool and Stay-N-Play Hourly Rates
(multiple sibling discount does not apply to preschoolers)
In District: $4.60 per child
Out of Distrct: $5.60 per child