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Lakeview Public Schools offers a variety of programs and/or services that may assist your child with their education. The office of Student Services oversees several programs and services for students who may experience barriers to their education. For more information about programs and services visit the tabs on the right.

 Walk for Autism Awareness

Lakeview is hosting it’s 3rd annual Walk for Autism Awareness. Join us as we walk to celebrate Autism Awareness on Saturday, April 28, 2018. The walk will take place at the Lakeview High School football field. More details can be found on the website:

Christine Kress
Executive Director of Student Services
(586) 445-4000, Ext. 2512
Fax: (586) 445-4849

Christine Templeton
Administrative Assistant
(586) 445-4000, Ext. 2513
Fax: (586) 445-4849 

Lisa Kepler
School Psychologist
(586) 445-4000, Ext. 2331
Fax: (586) 445-4849 

Kelly Feamster
School Psychologist
Ardmore/Early Childhood Center/Greenwood/
(586) 445-4000, Ext. 2233 

Rebecca Radomski
Social Worker
Ardmore/Early Childhood Center/Greenwood/Harmon
(586) 445-4000, Ext. 2237 

Verdell Brunson
Social Worker
(586) 445-4000, Ext. 2717  

Jennifer Rouleau
Speech & Language Pathologist
(586) 445-4000, Ext. 2329 

Lauren Leija
Speech & Language Pathologist
(586) 445-4000
Ext. JMS-2662/LHS-2718 

Kristine Mueller
Speech & Language Pathologist
(586) 445-4000, Ext. 2102

Emily Karchon
Speech & Language Pathologist
Early Childhood Center
(586) 445-4000, Ext. 2551

Michele Biggerstaff
Speech & Language Pathologist
(586) 445-4000, Ext. 2424