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Special Education

Lakeview Public Schools in collaboration with the Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD) offers a continuum of special education programs and services designed to meet the unique educational needs of each child with an identified disability
pre-school through 12th grade and transition years. 

Students access special education programs and services through a comprehensive evaluation process initiated by the school team or parent. Once a student becomes eligible, programs and services can only be determined through an Individualized Education Program (IEP) plan developed by the school team and parent. Students with disabilities must have an educational need for specially designed instruction, programs and services to be eligible.

Each school has a Teacher Consultant, Resource Teacher(s), Speech and Language Therapist and Social Work.  Ancillary service such as occupation therapy or physical therapy are provided through the MISD.  The MISD provides specialized consultation to Lakeview staff on behavior, medical issues and other unique circumstances when teams need additional support in programming for a student.  The MISD also provides programs for students who are most in need of the highest level of educational support.  These programs are located in various places in Macomb County and transportation is provided to and from these specialized programs. 

Lakeview hosts the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) Program for Macomb County.  The DHH Oral program is offered pre-school through 12th grade (Greenwood Elementary, Jefferson Middle School and Lakeview High School).  The DHH Total Communication program is only offered at Lakeview High School.  Referrals for this program can only be made by the sending resident district and the IEP team must determine if a placement at Lakeview is the most appropriate placement.


Lisa Kepler
School Psychologist

(586) 445-4000, Ext. 2331
Fax: (586) 445-4849 

Kelly Feamster
School Psychologist
Ardmore/Early Childhood Center/Greenwood/

(586) 445-4000, Ext. 2233 

Rebecca Radomski
School Social Worker

Harmon/Princeton/Early Childhood Center
(586) 445-4000 , Ext. 2303

Marilyn Schock
School Social Worker
Ardmore/Greenwood/JMS/St. Isaac Jogues/St. Germaine
(586) 445-4000 , Ext. 2232

Andrew Quesnelle
Social Worker

(586) 445-4000, Ext. JMS-2612 or LHS-2717  

Jennifer Rouleau
Speech Language Pathologist

(586) 445-4000, Ext. 2320 

Lauren Leija
Speech Language Pathologist

(586) 445-4000 
Ext. JMS-266/LHS-2718 

Kristine Mueller
Speech Language Pathologist

(586) 445-4000, Ext. 2201

Kara O'Neill
Speech Language Pathologist

Early Childhood Center
(586) 445-4000, Ext. 2517

Michele Biggerstaff
Speech Language Pathologist

(586) 445-4000, Ext. 2424

Deanna Ray
Speech Language Pathologist
Ardmore/St. Isaac Jogues/St. Germaine
(586) 445-4000, Ext. 2102

Jordan VanGampelaere
Speech Language Pathologist
(586) 445-4000, Ext. 2656